Suggested Procedures

It is the objective of to bring parties together to mutually solve both of their dirt fill needs -- one having excess fill and the other short fill.

Communication is a key to a successful match. Each party describes the parameters of his/her need, including job location, number of cubic yards, type of fill, price per cubic yard, and timing.

It is suggested that the party receiving the fill be responsible for:

  1. Where the dirtfill is dumped -- this may be communicated by telephone, but may require a meeting at the site.
  2. Obtaining appropriate fill permit(s) from the suburb if needed.
  3. Inspecting the fill prior to the haul to ensure that it is satisfactory, and/or inspecting the fill as it is delivered.

It is suggested that the party hauling the fill be responsible for:

  1. Using the access agreed upon.
  2. Delivery of the fill on time if a time was agreed to.
  3. Keeping the street clean of mud chunks, and cleaning up if necessary.
  4. Reporting the truck count within one week of completion, and providing daily or weekly load counts if requested.
  5. Making sure there is no debris (wood, plastic, glass, poly, fabric, paper, rubber, fuel, metal, asphalt, stumps, large roots, trees, shrubs, etc.).