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  1. Cut & Fill Inc provides a match-up service for dirtfill material on DirtFill.com, and will not knowingly accept false or unlawful information. Users agree that all registration information provided is true and not fabricated.
  2. Cut & Fill Inc will not sell, rent or give away any registration information.
  3. Cut & Fill Inc makes no representations or guarantees as to the kinds of dirtfill material listed on DirtFill.com. Users are prohibited from listing contaminated material on DirtFill.com except under the contaminated fill category. Cut & Fill Inc reserves the right to remove listings from DirtFill.com.
  4. Users of DirtFill.com are responsible to follow government regulations and obtain any required permit(s) if needed for their project. Information on all government agencies - city, county, state and federal - is normally available at local city offices. Cut & Fill Inc does not take any responsibility for required permits.
  5. Any dispute arising from the information listed on DirtFill.com by the DirtFill.com users will be the sole responsibility of the users involved, and not the responsibility of Cut & Fill Inc.
  6. All of the pages of DirtFill.com are copyrighted under the laws of the US Patent & Trademark Office. Anyone who violates this website copyright will be prosecuted under the fullest extent of the law.
  7. Use of this website is restricted to the region within which a party registers. Any registered party or that party's representative or anyone acting in that party's behalf that desires to use listings in another region must have written approval from Cut & Fill Inc.
  8. Cut & Fill Inc reserves the right to charge users in the future with the users consent.
  9. These Terms of Use may be changed or expanded at anytime.
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